IRS Form 941 Explained

Instant Tax Solutions, an Idaho-based tax debt resolution agency, defines IRS Form 941 – the Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Form.

Tax Debt Resolution Firm Instant Tax Solutions is Complaints Free

Accounts from grateful taxpayers confirm the effectiveness of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints are not part of their business model, says one Instant Tax Solutions client. While it is true that no firm dealing in personal finance is immune from the occasional unsatisfied client, complaints claims made on the Internet recently are certainly not accurate. The Better Business Bureau has issued the hard to earn rating of A+ to Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints depictions online are very inaccurate, reports the firm.

All companies are required to complete an IRS Form 941 if they have employees.  This form, however, may overwhelm new business owners. Instant Tax Solutions suggest having the following data handy when completing Form 941 to ensure a less stressful experience:

  • Number of employees and total wages paid for the specified period
  • Total amount of all employee withholdings
  • Medicare and taxable Social Security wages
  • Any adjustments. According to Instant Tax Solutions this includes sick pay, tips, and benefits

Once the form is complete and all line items filled out, there are two numbers to look for, notes Instant Tax Solutions: total deposits and total taxes paid. The difference between the two is the amount the company owes the IRS.

Instant Tax Solutions Complaints? You be the judge.

Consider these facts when making the determination about whether Instant Tax Solutions complaints claims are valid.Were the Instant Tax Solutions complaints true, they would have blindly guaranteed that all tax cases would be resolved. This is not the case, as stated in the purported complaint. Instant Tax Solutions only accepts clients whose situations are negotiable with the IRS.Instant Tax Solutions is a top rated firm with the BBB. When seeking information on Instant Tax Solutions complaints, the staff more than welcome questions by consumers – they have nothing to hide.

Since this form deals specifically with federal payroll taxes persons completing it for the fist time may benefit from knowing exactly what these taxes are. Instant Tax Solutions defines payroll taxes as funds withheld for Federal Income Tax and the employer’s portion of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Instant Tax Solutions reminds corporations that for the 2011 tax season the employee portion of the Social Security tax is 2% lower than 2010.

Instant Tax Solutions: Complaints and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Cmplaints in the tax debt resolution field are getting harder and harder to spot. Questionable agencies are implementing more “official” looking websites and planning target-marketing strategies to find the most desperate of consumers, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints artist are lowering initial fees to appear more in-line with reputable firms. Complaints target everyone. If you are seeking to reduce your tax debt liability, then please check the reputation of your chosen firm prior to paying them. The BBB is a fine resource for verifying the respectability of a tax debt resolution firm. Don’t be a victim.

Since this form is filed quarterly knowing the due dates is imperative.

  • Quarter one ends March 30 for April 30 submission
  • Quarter two ends June 30 for July 31 submission
  • Quarter three ends September 30 for October 31 submission
  • The fourth quarter ends December 31 and should be submitted by January 3

Clients often ask ITS what happens if they make a mistake on the Form 941. Instant Tax Solution explains that the IRS allows for a new form, the 941X, to replace the incorrect 941.

False allegations of Instant Tax Solutions complaints are found online.

Nationally recognized tax firmInstant Tax Solutionssays complaintsclaims recently found spattered about the Web are part of an attack by a rival tax firm. Sometimes complaints smear campaigns are initialized by postings similar to the ones currently in question. They are meant to insinuate that the Instant Tax Solutions complaints are from actual consumers, charges Byron Pedersen, co-founder of the company. He suggests that all complaintsabout Instant Tax Solutions have been planted as part of one of the aforementioned campaigns.

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